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The polluters behind Ted Wheeler:

by Christine Lewis

Just how much influence do five-figure checks from Portland’s biggest polluters buy you in City Hall?

Let’s elect Jules Bailey so we don’t need to find out!

Ted Wheeler’s Number One corporate donor is mega-polluter Portland Bottling Company. Just a month after Ted said: “When I’m mayor of Portland, Portland City Hall will not be for sale” he took a $5000 check from them. Then, after Jules entered the race with a pledge to take no more than $250 per person, Ted took another $5000 check from Portland Bottling.

Why should Portlanders care? In July 2014, Portland Bottling Company was fined nearly $450,000 for illegally discharging 18 million gallons of industrial wastewater and bypassing the meter used for billing.

Not only that, but Portland Bottling was the top funder of the failed campaign to take over Portland's water system by corporate industrial water users, to the tune of $100,000.

Make a donation: Let’s show the big polluters this is OUR city and it isn’t for sale!

But wait there's more: Who owns Portland Bottling? None other than Harry Merlo, timber tycoon and mega-donor.

As the Audubon Society of Portland’s Bob Sallinger told Willamette Week:

"Merlo has the capacity to bankroll an initiative like this and the capacity to buy elections as well. If you are worried about corporate influence and accountability, ask yourself if Merlo's a person you'd trust to fundamentally reshape city government."

Ted Wheeler and Harry Merlo go way back. Merlo previously contributed $10,000 to Ted in 2010 and 2011, too.

Merlo knows when to double down – he just contributed another $10,000 to Ted.

I'll be blunt: We're facing a steep uphill climb against Ted Wheeler and the wealthy special interests. Portlanders are voting and we're working around the clock to pull this out.

Chip in now to power up our grassroots campaign and let’s win this!

Posted on May 13, 2016.

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