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Recent Headlines

November 4, 2015Six weeks flew by quickly
September 23, 2015Baby Bailey is here!
June 21, 2015On Father’s Day: leading on leave
June 18, 2015A budget that reflects our values
June 4, 2015our budget, our priorities, our values
May 21, 2015Beyond sex ed
May 14, 2015Mental health matters
April 14, 2015A pathway out of poverty
August 19, 2014invite: swearing in
May 20, 2014You made it happen!
May 17, 2014My Priorities
May 12, 2014All in for Jules Bailey
April 28, 2014Watch Jules's TV Ads
April 23, 2014I’m optimistic
April 16, 2014I'm Not Happy About Losing Jules
April 7, 2014This is personal: Equal Pay Day
March 14, 2014Teachers, firefighters, county workers endorse
March 5, 2014A victory for kids in Multnomah County
February 18, 2014Your walking shoes...
February 13, 2014Town Hall: find out what's really happening in Salem
January 30, 2014Making the economy work for everyone
January 17, 2014Who's the frontrunner?
January 7, 2014First Organizations to Endorse Choose Jules Bailey for Multnomah County Commission
December 16, 2013Cozy and Warm
November 21, 2013One Rare Progressive Leader
October 31, 2013Rep. Jules Bailey Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month
October 29, 2013My progressive choice for Multnomah County Commission
October 17, 2013My big announcement
October 17, 2013State Rep. Jules Bailey Announces Candidacy for Multnomah County Commission
October 17, 2013Why I’m running for Multnomah County
October 3, 2013Regulating GMOs in Oregon
October 2, 2013Why I voted against the "grand bargain"
September 24, 2013Help me stop the Oregon Monsanto Protection Act
September 16, 2013Victory!
July 8, 2013Big News
July 3, 2013Down to the wire on retirement security
July 2, 2013Are corporations people?
July 1, 2013Coalition Asks Legislature to Stand Up to Wall Street on Retirement Security
June 12, 2013School funding crisis
June 6, 2013 Act now to fix our school funding crisis
May 31, 2013Governor Kitzhaber endorses!
May 30, 2013Rep. Bailey on KGW Live at 7 to talk retirement security
May 29, 2013Governor Kitzhaber endorses Rep. Bailey's retirement security bill!
May 9, 2013My plan to solve the retirement crisis:
April 29, 2013Together we can battle sexual violence
April 1, 2013Java with Jules - thank you!
March 29, 2013School Funding: Real Solutions to the Crisis
March 21, 2013One simple idea to fix our school funding crisis
March 17, 2013Why our schools are in trouble
March 7, 2013Progress on school funding

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Meet Jules Bailey

Jules BaileyMultnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey believes that effective policies and programs can help solve social challenges. He has been a strong advocate for progressive values and policies that improve the lives of working families. As a Multnomah County commissioner, Jules will continue fighting for programs that cut costs and save the county money while protecting our most vulnerable citizens. He will make sure county programs have clear, measurable goals, and make sure we're meeting them. And Jules will build on his work for cleaner air, safer streets, and solutions to poverty, homelessness, and mental illness. He is also a champion for the arts.

Jules Bailey grew up in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Southeast Portland, close to the district that he now represents as a commissioner. He graduated from Lincoln High School and Lewis and Clark College and earned a master's degree from Princeton University. Learn more about Jules.


Latest News

November 4 Six weeks flew by quickly
September 23 Baby Bailey is here!
June 21 On Father’s Day: leading on leave
June 18 A budget that reflects our values
June 4 our budget, our priorities, our values
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