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Jules's Plan

Leadership for the Whole City

Jules Bailey believes that despite the challenges our city faces, we can still make it possible for Portlanders to achieve the American Dream. As a former legislator and current County Commissioner, Jules has experience working with broad groups of people, bringing them together to create successful coalitions on tough issues, from housing, to job creation, to climate change, to mental health, to public safety and many more. He’ll be a leader for the whole city, not just the wealthy and big businesses.

An economist with small business background, Jules has a trained eye for the details and knows how to make budgets work. As a three-term state representative and member of the Oregon House majority leadership team, Jules successfully passed legislation, chaired committees, and crafted policy. As a Multnomah County Commissioner, Jules has been deeply involved in budgets and policy on the issues that matter to Portlanders.

Jules is all in as Portland's next Mayor. His priorities include:


Creating Jobs and Making Portland Work for Everyone

  • Create a Bureau of Small Business and Economic Empowerment to be Portland’s lead economic development agency. With the phasing out of urban renewal, it’s time to rethink how Portland creates family-supporting jobs, promotes entrepreneurship, and trains people for the 21st century economy. Whether you’re looking for work, starting a business, or growing one, the Bureau will be a one-stop-shop to cut red tape and meet your needs and grow our economy.
  • Establish a “Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation” like the successful model in Pittsburgh so that Portland’s growing economy is accessible to everyone.
  • Raise the minimum wage by working with the legislature to raise the statewide wage and bring Portland’s local wage up to $15 over a phased in period.
  • Enforce Community Benefits Agreements in Portland to ensure that contracted work is done with the highest quality workforce, wage, and benefit standards that lift people out of poverty, provide pathways to training, and involve a diverse workforce.
  • Bring workforce training to affordable housing so people can get the job skills they need to lift their families out of poverty.
  • Invest in infrastructure like green streets, efficient buildings, clean water systems, public transit, and roads that work for all users so that we create jobs and build a city where people, the economy, and the environment thrive.
  • Implement procurement policies that take advantage of local talent and local businesses to provide solutions for the city.
  • Make schools we can be proud of a priority for Portland. The Mayor can work with School Boards and can be a voice for the importance of education to bring people together to find solutions for better schools and the neighborhoods around them. As the next Mayor, Jules will lead the conversation on how to ensure the highest quality schools in Portland.


Meeting the Affordability Crisis Head On

  • Create one-day permitting for affordable infill development to reduce costs of development for responsible projects, and create more housing available for working families.
  • Create a new funding source for housing to increase investment in affordable housing that is available for people with the lowest incomes.
  • Create pathways to homeownership both for traditional housing and co-op style models of multifamily housing so that the working class can build wealth.
  • Establish a Community Preservation Program to keep long time residents in their communities and bring those that have been displaced back to their neighborhoods.
  • Bring back neighborhood-scale density like duplexes, triplexes, and garden-style apartments that are currently prohibited.
  • Enact "inclusionary zoning" as permitted by state law so that affordable housing is integrated throughout the city, not pushed to the edges.
  • Accelerate the process of identifying surplus public lands and dedicating them for affordable housing.
  • Work with County and Metro to purchase and set aside land along soon-to-be developed "transit corridors" for affordable housing, before speculation drives prices sky high.
  • Conduct rigorous oversight of urban renewal areas to ensure that displacement doesn't happen.
  • Continue working with "Home For Everyone" to set goals and coordinate the response to the homelessness crisis.
  • Cut the unsheltered homeless population in half by end of the first term so that we can put Portland on a path to end homelessness once and for all.
  • Build temporary emergency shelters in partnership with nonprofits and faith providers to have clean, dry places to sleep for people on the streets.


Keeping our Communities Safe

  • Increase police staffing to emphasize robust community policing, cut response times, and increase the number of calls to which officers are able to respond.
  • Ramp up gang prevention efforts and focus on programs that empower youth, like the Community Healing Initiative.
  • Partner on mental health and addiction services to get people in crisis the help they need.
  • Fully budget for fire services so that public safety positions aren’t dependent on one-time funds, and give firefighters the tools and training they need to do their jobs and focus on safety and fire prevention.
  • Fully support President Obama’s efforts to curb gun violence by closing sale loopholes and focusing on early intervention and treatment.
  • Get tough on Concealed Handgun Licenses and ask police officers to seize CHLs upon a suspect’s arrest for violent or potentially violent crimes such as domestic violence or stalking.
  • Press the State Legislature to protect Portland’s schools and other public buildings by keeping weapons out of K-12 campuses, college campuses, hospitals, and other public spaces.
  • Fully implement Senate Bill 525, which provides that those convicted of using force against a family member, threatening to use force against a family member, or are found by a court to be a threat to a family member may not possess firearms.  

Fixing our Transportation System

  • Enact a temporary ten-cent gas tax to fund transportation investments in road and safety improvements.
  • Support legislative proposals that fix transportation funding while reducing carbon pollution and climate change.
  • Pilot congestion pricing on Portland roads to reducing traffic and provide needed revenue to improve traffic flow.
  • Partner with federal and state transportation agencies and legislative leaders to bring more funding to Portland.
  • Lead on reforming our transportation system so that more of the money Portlanders pay for roads stays in Portland.  

Leading on the Environment and Sustainability

  • Price carbon by working with the legislature to enact a meaningful state carbon tax or cap-and-trade program to hasten the transition to affordable clean energy sources like wind and solar power, and to create thousands of high-quality jobs.
  • Expand the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program to include energy efficiency upgrades and earthquake safety for homes, and accelerate commercial building upgrades partnered with building certification.
  • Establish a “sustainable building competition” in the technology sector to create better building energy analytics and management programs based on the city database of building energy use disclosure.
  • Upgrade all Portland city buildings to LEED platinum or better energy use by 2030.
  • Create incentives for infill development that are Energy Star certified, and FAR bonuses for net-zero buildings.
  • Promote electric vehicles by working with utilities to partner on charging station expansion, including investigating rate-basing EV infrastructure as a method of balancing variable power from renewables.
  • Streamline permitting for solar, electric vehicle charging stations, and other renewable energy investments.
  • Partner with Enhabit, the Energy Trust, community action organizations, and neighborhood groups to promote low-income weatherization and basic home repairs, building off the successful model in the Cully neighborhood.
  • Establish an environmental justice lens to prioritize energy efficiency and renewable energy investments that work with low income communities and communities of color.
  • Bring back the Solarize program for solar on residences, working with neighborhood associations, contractors, and the Energy Trust.
  • Use city assets as test beds for clean technology, like public buildings for efficiency technology and software, and other infrastructure, like the successful partnership with Lucid energy to generate electricity from the municipal water system.
  • Continue to divest from fossil fuel companies, and pursue aggressive climate-smart divestment policies.
  • Expand contracts to run city fleets on recycled biodiesel, such as waste vegetable oil from restaurants, as well as plug in hybrids and EVs for smaller vehicles.
  • Build a climate-smart transportation system, implementing congestion pricing, and funding infrastructure that promotes walking, biking, and transit, with compact urban form and smart land use.
  • Reduce heat island effects, preserving tree canopy cover, building new parks in underserved areas, and creating other heat “sinks”.
  • Prepare for climate change resilience by building infrastructure to deal with increased droughts, severe weather, and more flooding.
  • Create a city low carbon procurement policy that prioritizes a carbon lifecycle analysis on all major contracts.
  • Clean our Willamette River to make it a place we can be proud of for recreation and families.
  • Invest in stormwater management that reduces pollution, saves money, and creates jobs.
  • Protect our natural areas and create parks and open spaces that reflect our natural environment, improve habitat, and provide environmental learning.  

Empowering Communities

  • Invest in culturally specific organizations to empower leaders and organizations to address racial disparities in their own communities.
  • Ensure Portland is the best place in America to have a child by promoting family-friendly policies, investing in children, and giving kids the best possible start in life through the Portland Children’s Levy and other programs.
  • Expand on successful internship programs like “Summer Works” to provide work experience for youth from disadvantaged communities, and expand the Portland Development Commission entrepreneurship fund for entrepreneurs of color.
  • Make Portland a magnet for arts and culture by supporting arts organizations and artists, and helping communities, especially disadvantaged communities, express themselves through art and culture.
  • Restore the position of Mayor's Arts & Culture Director to help ensure arts are supported in our city.
  • Target services at the LGBTQ community to address the higher rates of abuse, homelessness, and suicide faced by LGBTQ youth and adults, and partner on programs to promote trans-inclusivity.
  • Prioritize access to community gardens and fresh food for lower-income neighborhoods so that everyone has access to fresh, healthy, local food.
  • Create an Office of Financial Empowerment based on the successful model in St. Louis to provide financial services and counseling to disadvantaged communities.  

Embracing East Portland

  • Make full implementation of the East Portland Action Plan a priority in budgeting and create reliable, on-going funding for EPAP work.
  • Create safe intersections and streets for pedestrians and people on bicycles so everyone can use our transportation infrastructure.
  • Partner with Tri-Met to bring reliable and consistent bus service to underserved areas.
  • Work with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the legislature to deal with “orphan highways” and bring state-owned roads up to the standards Portlanders expect.
  • Invest development dollars to improve neighborhood centers and create communities of which we can all be proud.

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Meet Jules Bailey

Jules BaileyJules Bailey's story is similar to many of ours. He grew up in a middle-class family and attended Portland Public Schools. Jules knows how hard it is to buy a home in our skyrocketing housing market, find affordable care for a young child, and stretch a family budget. Meet Jules Bailey.

As our next mayor, Jules will create a city that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and big corporations. He'll meet the housing affordability crisis head on, focus on public safety, and fix our transportation system. Together, we'll make Portland a leader on climate change, embrace East Portland, and empower our diverse communities. Learn more about Jules Bailey's priorities.


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